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servicesGiven the stability of telecommunications infrastructure, it’s easy for businesses to take their communications systems for granted. However, as many organizations find out the hard way, phone systems can go down. For companies that run contact centers, this inability to maintain customer contact can potentially cost thousands of dollars – per minute. For government organizations, it can translate into serious service interruptions that jeopardize citizen safety. And for businesses of all sizes, in all markets, telecommunications service interruption can potentially result in a significant loss of productivity and revenue. To avoid these outcomes, businesses rely on Valhalla for maintenance services. Our trained technicians are certified by leading manufacturers. The upshot? No matter what systems you run, Valhalla possesses the expertise to maintain your telecommunications infrastructure.

Organizations rely heavily on their communications systems to maintain contact with customers, suppliers, prospects and other stakeholders.
Given the importance of these systems, it is essential to ensure they operate continuously at peak performance. This is precisely what Valhalla’s maintenance services deliver. With two-hour on-site response for major incidents – and even faster remote diagnostics – Valhalla’s experienced service technicians can help resolve any critical system failures, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Depending on your organization’s needs, you can select from a range of service level packages, which include different options for priority response to calls related to system failure and MACs (moves, adds or changes).

Maintenance Service Benefits:

  • Reduce operating costs by up to 20% for each year you hold a service contract
  • Avoid the costs associated with a loss of service by ensuring your telecommunications systems operate at peak performance
  • Receive rapid response to maintenance calls, 24/7
  • Enjoy preferred labor rates and priority access to inventory
  • Minimize system downtime and ensure faster issue resolution with remote diagnosis and maintenance
  • Depending on the service level package you choose, you can also receive quarterly preventative maintenance calls, access to manufacturer software updates and new releases and quarterly reviews by your account manager who can provide you with customized recommendations on new products or system upgrades. Thanks to this consultative approach, you can rest assured that your communications platform can support both your current needs and your future growth.

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